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How to Fertilize Orchids?

Apr. 28, 2021

As a Fertilizer Suppliers, share with you.

Because domestic orchids cannot be like wild orchids, they can be supplemented with rainwater carrying fertility every year and every season (on this point, the farmer Haoshe made it clear in the article). How to fertilize is the key point. Orchid is best to use organic fertilizer as the main ingredient, which means that fertility should be considered when preparing plant materials. Therefore, Haoshe farmers often say that there are three elements of orchid plant materials: loose and breathable, moisturizing and draining, and lasting fertilizer effect.

NPK Compound Fertilizer

NPK Compound Fertilizer

Orchid seedlings that lack nutrient blessings will become thinner and thinner. Yellowing of the leaves will affect the appearance, and it will also affect the blooming of pregnancy buds. Sometimes, even if they can produce flowers, it is not good to bloom. If you mix fertile humus soil or a small amount of thoroughly fermented cake fertilizer when preparing the plant material, you can almost guarantee a one-year supply of base fertilizer. 

How often is the ternary fertilizer applied?

As mentioned above, orchids need fertilizer most in the spring and autumn seasons, and chemical fertilizers are used as fertility supplements when orchids are most needed. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply chemical fertilizers frequently, and there is no benefit to applying more fertilizers. It only needs to be supplemented in these two seasons. Haoshe Farmer recommends one in spring and autumn.

NPK Fertilizer is not recommended to dissolve the water to pour the roots. It is difficult to control the flow of the fertilizer solution, and it is easy for the fertilizer solution to quickly touch the orchid roots and new shoots, causing unnecessary burning of seedlings and roots.

It is not recommended to use ternary fertilizers in winter and summer. In severe cold and heat, the absorption and digestion capacity of orchid plants is greatly reduced, and the fertilizer cannot be absorbed in time, which may cause fertilizer damage.

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