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How are High-Quality Organic Fertilizers Produced?

Jul. 14, 2021

Why need fermentation?

Maturity is a stage in the decomposition process of organic fertilizers. At this stage, the organic matter has changed to the point where it cannot be recognized in its original form. It becomes a black and soft substance, sometimes smelly, and loses two-thirds of its original weight (generally 3 tons of organic fertilizer raw materials can decompose 1 ton of organic fertilizer), the ratio of carbon to nitrogen becomes smaller. As a Fertilizer Suppliers, share with you.

Organic Sulphur Fertilizer

Organic Sulphur Fertilizer

Before applying organic fertilizers, it is important to emphasize decomposing, because most of the nutrient forms contained in organic fertilizers that are not decomposed are late-acting and cannot be directly absorbed by crops. Organic fertilizer that has not been decomposed is applied to the soil, not only has poor fertilizer efficiency, but also breeds weeds and spreads germs and eggs. Therefore, the purpose of organic fertilizer decomposing is to release nutrients to improve fertilizer efficiency, while avoiding certain adverse effects on crops when fertilizer decomposes in the soil, especially the high temperature generated, which is easy to "burn seedlings".


The decomposed organic fertilizer generally requires two stages, namely the first high-temperature compost decomposing fermentation stage and the second aging stage. Unstable organic matter is transformed into stable humus through the decomposing process and through the action of microorganisms. Its temperature change can define whether it is rotten or not.

The second stage: the temperature decreases at first, the oxygen absorption rate decreases, and the odor disappears completely. Compared with the maturity of the first compost, the second compost is indispensable, because the second compost can degrade difficult-to-degrade organic matter and re-establish the mesophilic microbial colony, which will help the organic manure decompose, reduce phytotoxic substances and inhibit pathogenic bacteria. .

The first stage: through the ratio of the raw material matrix, the fertilizer pile absorbs high oxygen, produces high temperature, greatly reduces the degradable volatile solids, gradually reduces the odor, and gradually changes the color of the fertilizer pile. It is necessary to maintain good aeration and moisture control.

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